The Firework Frocktail

Its Bonfire Night beautifuls! And we’ve concocted the perfect Firework Frocktail, served up at the boutique for Thursday Open House, and lovingly transcribed for you to make at home!

Bonfire night with firework frocktails at 44 Frocks

Here goes (suitable for one champagne class cocktail or a vintage bone china teacup):

75ml Cairn O’Mohr Raspberry wine. Hard to find in London, if you get stuck they’ll send it to your door!

25ml berry cordial. I like the straight juice, no sugar added. Cuts calories and also makes it a bit lighter!

25ml soda water

- Shake and shake the raspberry wine and cordial with ice. Shake shake shake!
- Pour into your chilled champagne glass or china teacup.
- Top off with the soda water to keep it sparkling and fizzing.

Pop boom bang, a perfect bonfire night cocktail!

Bonfire night with firework frocktails at 44 Frocks

We used up all our pyrotechnics in our little display, but if you can find some spare sparklers, light them up and stick them in the cocktail for extra va va boom!

Bonfire night with firework frocktails at 44 Frocks

Pair the firework frocktail with your finest bonfire night frock – I suggest sparkles so the fireworks twinkle and reflect, thereby enhancing your natural glow and sparkle!

Do share pics of your night and let us know how you rocked the pyrotechnics – find us on Twitter @44Frocks and on Facebook.

Stay safe, and enjoy the fireworks Xx


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