Open House!

So party season (best ever season I say) approaches. To celebrate the coming season we’ve just packed out the shop with the most stunning dresses in the kingdom and have decided to hold parties for all you lovelies who haven’t yet gotten on the guestlist for a 44 Frocks party.

Every Thursday evening we’ll be having an Open House at the boutique for regulars and new Frock-lovers alike, to come in for a Tunnocks teacake treat and a taste of 44 Frocks sparkle.

Image 44 Frocks sparkle

Just in time, we’ve recently been exclusively blessed with the uniquely delicious (not to mention stylish) Carin O’Mohr wines at 44 Frocks. We’ll be serving up their most delicious treats in our signature bone china teacups, and you’ll be hearing more about them soon.

We’re thrilled to welcome them to our world of frocks frills and fun and will be holding our very first Open House in their honour this Thursday evening.

So come on down, from 7pm – we’ll be frolicking with the treats until 9pm, and you’re all very welcome!

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