Opening soon

This is it frockettes, the news I’ve been uncharacteristically keeping under my hat for an age…

I am too impressed with my secret keeping to just TELL you, so here are some clues:

- I have paint droplets on my mani/pedi

- extra sets of keys on my keychain

- we’re finessing the signature 44 Frocks cocktail

- our family of dresses has grown exponentially (we didn’t think it possible either)

Have you got it?

Ok, ok I’ll spit it out: 44 Frocks is about to open its very own Boutique!!!!!!

We’ve teamed up with the brightest spark in the City, Miss Vickie who’ll you’ll shortly be meeting on our blog to launch the exceptionally exclusive, utterly charming, and heartbreakingly beautiful shop just off the St Katherine Docks in Wapping (and very near our 44 Frocks private apartment venue).

You are most welcome to come visit us – and for the first time ever you boys are invited along too to pick up a little treasure or two for the ladies in your lives.

We’ll be updating you soon with our launch date and sharing the trials and tribulations of our boutique adventure.

Btw, does anyone know how to get paint off a pedicure? Docklands Nails are going to kill me.

Kisses kisses kisses,

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